Omega executive desks. / Furnishings and accessories

Omega naturally expresses a whole of refined material values in a collection of high-quality desks, tables and containers. The structure of the Omega desks with legs made of chromed extruded aluminum, allows the creation of large tables, dedicated to offices and high-level meetings. The top consists of a panel made of melamine faced chipboard with a thickness of 18 mm and edged on all sides with 2 mm ABS. The finishes available in our warehouse are white, gray, ivory, silver, light oak, gray oak, maple and wengé.

The Omega collection also includes a series of containers characterized by tops, sides and shelves made of shiny stainless steel, a precious material that is used for remarkable prestigious furniture needs. The doors complete with chrome-plated built-in knobs and lock, are made of melamine faced chipboard panels with a thickness of 18 with standard finishes, edged with 1 mm thick ABS edge in the same color as the panel finishes.


The company is equipped with a product quality control system; a quality guaranteed by production lines supported by the most modern technologies that allow an outstanding flexibility and rapidity of production.

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