Wall units.

The office wall units are not permanent dividing elements, but containers solving specific needs in the best possible way and giving the chance to change spaces following the company evolution. Choose the solution perfectly suiting to your needs among Alpar System’s many proposals or enquire wall units system for a customized office.

External beauty and order reflect to an inner order promoting work efficiency. Order is essential in office, as well as fresh, airy and well-kept rooms. The office wall units are a functional, comfortable and space-saving furnishing solution. Difficult to concentrate when chaos dominates the desk but, thanks to our office wall units, the documents will find their place and consequently ideas too. Office wall units are also a great space-saving ally. In addition to the possibility of developing in height, often up to the ceiling, they usually consist of shelves alternating with containing spaces with dividers. Therefore, you will be able to find the right place to display specialized magazines and to have all the necessary space to properly order each customer’s documents and folders.

In addition to Alpar System collections, the company offers customized office wall units according to the customer’s needs adapting perfectly to each style, especially in their modular version. Thanks to this kind of furniture, in fact, it will be possible to create an office wall unit by fitting the various modules as needed and combining shelves, wall units or storage cabinets together. For matching a classic style office furniture we suggest choosing wooden wall units, while for a modern and lively office we recommend aluminum wall units.

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