Partition walls.

Office partitions having simple and neat design: Alpar System offers a series of qualitative solutions for customers wanting to create or transform the work environment by using blind, blind/glazed, glass, wood or aluminum made partition walls.

Partition walls are one of the most effective and original solutions for the design of flexible office spaces. Designing an office responding to the needs of the people working in, means modifying space following the functional needs emerging over time, with a considerable saving of time and money. In fact, mobile partition walls are used to separate areas, create rooms and offices without building concrete walls. Mounted in full or lower height in open spaces, the partition walls are equipped with different openings: hinged, folding or sliding doors. Soundproof partition walls are also very useful to minimize noise disturbance in common areas and guarantee the right privacy in the offices.

In addition to Alpar System collections, the in-house production laboratory can design and produce customized solutions down to the smallest details and finishing, ensuring a real price control that only a long-experienced manufacturer can guarantee. Attention to details makes the difference and allows Alpar System to be the ideal partner for companies, architects and designers wanting to distinguish and make spaces more functional, brighter and with an excellent aesthetic result. Our partition walls are made of different materials, including steel, glass and aluminum. Not sure how to divide the spaces of your open space? Contact Alpar System and you will find a serious and professional partner to give life to a relaxing and high-quality working environment.

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