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Essentia evo wall is distinguished by its minimal design. Light and resilient system, with lowered and reduced profiles maintaining an advanced technology inside, to offer more transparency and brightness. There are several solutions for the creation of the doors, with the possibility of having full-height hinges for the tempered glass doors.

Version with both floor and ceiling profiles with section d.55 x h. 40 mm with glass adjustment of about 20 mm; glazed parts with 10 or 12 mm thick glass. The glass joints are made with adequate transparent polycarbonate profiles. Hinged doors (both glass and wood). Essentia evo wall is a complete system that can satisfy any need.


  • UNI 8201:1981 – Impact resistance to soft or hard bodies
  • UNI 7697 – Safety glass
  • EN 12600 – Impact tests for laminated glass
  • UNI EN ISO 10140-2:2010 – Laboratory measurement of sound insulation for the airborne of building elements
    • Laminated glass 5+5 pvb 0.38 = 34 Rw (dB)
    • Laminated glass 5+5 pvb 0.50 acustivo = 36 Rw (dB)
    • Laminated glass 6+6 pvb 0.38 = 35 RW (dB)


The company is equipped with a product quality control system; a quality guaranteed by production lines supported by the most modern technologies that allow an outstanding flexibility and rapidity of production.

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