About us.

Alpar System boasts over ten years of experience in the production of partition walls, wall units and furniture, in the preparation of turnkey products, in the design and construction of public and private offices, and plays a fundamental part in the creation of modern work spaces. The commercial and technical-productive essence come together to become the ideal partner for every customer.

 Our goal is the balance between industrialization and product customization: cutting-edge technical solutions, variety and refinement in materials and an aptitude for "customization" are the guidelines of a path of continuous improvement. The company has certified its quality management system according to UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 standards has completed its range of walls with a certified CE marked product and now follow its path of growth with constant commitment.


Work well

Philosophy & Mission

We are a family and creative company, founded on solid principles, which strongly believes in the passion for work that builds the future. We respect the memory of the past and the passing of time that offers us experience, but we welcome the innovation of the present and the future potential with the enthusiasm of a child. Let us look with new eyes at the projects of the future, certain that the change we want to see in the world to come will begin in today’s work.

Designing office desks whose main goal is to make office work better in terms of well-being and efficiency. People have different needs: tasks, responsibilities, work methods. Our mission is to offer the right solution in terms of workplace.

UNI EN ISO 9001-2008

Company Policy

Alpar System srl operates in the design and production of movable, equipped walls and office furniture, a sector in which it consolidates and develops its presence on the market.

The Alpar System Quality Policy is based on:

  • Attention to the customer through product’s customization.
  • Direct customer involvement in all design phases.
  • Guarantee of the high quality of the supplied products, both for materials and design.
  • Rapid supply.
  • Continuous development of customers’ loyalty.
  • Compliance with regulations and mandatory requirements for the supplied products.

The company has flexible organization and, in order to continue its improvement, it makes constant investments in advanced technologies. This aspect comes up beside the company’s artisan skills to offer an innovative product, always customizable and in full compliance with legal requirements. The General Management has equipped the company with a Quality Management System as its managerial and operational tool. It supports the application, the improvement, the development of Quality and strives to ensure its contents to be disclosed, understood and shared by the entire corporate structure.

Space distribution

Our services.

The design and distribution of an office space cannot be separated from a preliminary consulting service, from the laying and installation of the furniture and from an after-sales service.



Our service center is available to the customer for any clarification even after installation.  We are ready to receive your reports, to promptly check every detail and to provide you with an adequate response to all questions. We also guarantee the replacement of individual damaged parts, if needed.



The installation service includes products delivery, installation and testing. Deliveries of our office furniture are carried out with maximum efficiency. Our qualified personnel is at the service of our customers, performs assembly and installation and, if required, also the collection of your old furniture. Our sales department is at your disposal for availability and supply conditions.



An expert will accompany you in all phases of the relationship. Thanks to the experience, inspiration and specific technical skills, we will analyze the most suitable solutions together with you, recommending the furniture that best meets your needs and preparing the best technical-commercial proposal.

Care for the environment.

We believe that everyone must contribute to the good of the environment. Based on this concept a few years ago we installed a 99.32 kwp photovoltaic system, made up of 414 modules that allow us to cover 50% of the annual production energy basic needs. An investment in clean energy that we will continue to carry forward also in the future and that represents a benefit for the planet and considerable savings for our company.

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